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Nagori : The Other Side of Lake Toba

Nagori : The Other Side of Lake Toba

Nagori Lake Toba - When asked what the lake in Indonesia, probably the first word that came out is the Lake Toba. How not, Lake Toba is often an example of one of the lakes in our geography books. Besides the festival of Lake Toba lake promotions make this one more well-known not only in Indonesia but also abroad. But above all, the most fundamental reason is because we came northern Sumatra. Childhood sumut but not ever to Lake Toba? Hehhe ..

we've had some time to visit Lake Toba and even through different districts

It feels the same, wonderful. However, the most memorable, special and unique is our trip to Lake Toba in this year. We set off from the district Simalungun towards Nagori (village near Lake Toba). Initially we will depart from Haranggaol by boat, but what power because in the month of August, the wind is quite strong. So we advise parents to use a motorcycle through the mountain. It takes as long as 3-4 hours is not due to the distance from home to this Nagori, but because the streets were "fantastic". 

So at first start challenging trip hazard but it paid off with the beauty of Lake Toba. Halfway along the highway beginning is very smooth and wide to enjoy the cool air and the fields / plantations, hills, beautiful trees during the trip. Incredible :). But when we turn left into the village towards the narrow street rat. Here adventures begin, this trip is really remarkable. Like the word right is the cliff, the left is the gorge then we have to follow a fairly narrow road. A slight turn too sharply, the lives at stake. For people who want to exercise patience and self-control hehhee place here ... (kidding)

Nagori is a village where we can also see the other side of Lake Toba are usually visited by tourists but this time is different because of the many found was fishers.

So for those of you who want to visit Nagori and want to see the other side of Lake Toba directly come just there. If you are lucky you can also catch fish with the fishermen there. Nagori is one of sumatra tour place which you must visit.

hopefully writing about nagori the other side of lake toba useful for you and increase your knowledge.

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