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Mount Sibayak In Tanah Karo

Mount Sibayak In Tanah Karo

Mount Sibayak become one of the major tourist attraction in Karo, North Sumatra. Local inhabitants call this mountain as Mount King because the word 'Sibayak' in the local language Karo society means 'king'. Big mountain is quite active volcano. From the top of the mountain, clouds of smoke billowing up to 2 km in height. Smoke comes from geothermal. The local government use of geothermal energy as a source of steam-powered electricity. Now in Karo are steam power plants. Location mountain which has ketiggian 2,094 m above sea level is located in the village of Sibayak. The volcano is a favorite place for nature lovers who like to climb the mountain. There have been many group climbers 'tasting' natural beauty of Mount Sibayak this.

Usually, the climbers will start the ascent at 2:00 early morning so they can see the sunrise from the summit of Mount Sibayak. Besides the beauty sunsrise, hikers can also see the beauty of the city of Medan on top of this mountain. If the climbers reached the top of the mountain at night, from a distance will be seen flickering lights in the city of Medan. 

To arrive at Mount Sibayak, hikers can take a short trip through the Village Spirit Mountain is often called the Village King Berneh. The village is also very beautiful. Natural scenery is so beautiful. The air is very clean and cool. As far as the eye could see, the look is a stretch of vegetation that thrives in this mountainous region. Agricultural land owned by citizens of so wide and lined up neatly. Land contains various kinds of vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants. Along the road to Mount Sibayak seen buildings houses which are still loyal to maintain the authenticity of traditional arsisrektur art embodied in the traditional houses of Batak Karo. The local residents who are Muslims and Christians coexist peacefully.

The attraction of the most famous mountain Sibayak either by local residents as well as tourists visiting the hot springs are located in the village of Spirit Mountain. Hot springs were also there at the foot of Mount Sibayak. The hot springs of sulfur-containing substances. No wonder if the scent of sulfur is quite pungent. Well, for hikers who want to climb the entourage, climbing a path that is a path that has long been unveiled as the official channel for climbing.

For those of you who are in the city of Medan, to reach the location of Mount Sibayak, you need to travel from Medan to Berastagi with a distance of about 77 km and takes about 2 hours. This path can be reached by private vehicles or motorcycles two. For those of you who want to embark on the adventure of Medan, you can use the public bus headed to Berastagi only with transport costs 5,000 only. Berastagi is other than the Spirit of Mountain Village to get to the top of Mount Sibayak.

To facilitate visitors, attractions Mount Sibayak managers provide accommodation facilities such as jasmine-class accommodation. Lodgings can be found easily in the village of Spirit Mountain. For tourists who want to stay in hotels, attractions in the region is also available some five-star hotel complete with amenities such as restaurants. Outside the area of the hotel, visitors can also easily find food stalls or shops that would cost much more affordable.

hopefully writing about mount sibayak in tanah karo useful for you and increase your knowledge.

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